A Lucire special promotion

We’ve seen numerous improvements to razors over the years, as companies try to improve on the three-blade designs of the 20th century.
   Gillette’s new Fusion ProGlide razor is another step on shaving’s evolutionary ladder: it has thinner, finer blades, and the company claims it has a low-resistance coating, which helps move the razor through hair. It has also improved on the basic Fusion model with anti-clogging rinse slots. The improved blade design of the precision trimmer helps with shaving in tricky areas, e.g. under the nose.
   To promote the new addition (this post has been sponsored by Gillette), and to coincide with a certain sporting event in London, Gillette erected a winners’ podium in a store in Würzburg, with the razors’ shelf mounted high. When a male customer went to the number-one position on the podium, music started, confetti rained down, and dancers, weightlifters, gymnasts, bikini-clad girls, and even a bear surrounded him, to celebrate his “win”. Gillette’s proposition: all men deserve to be celebrated like a gold medal winner.
   Gillette says that over 70 per cent of women prefer men with a shaved face. However, personal grooming varies wildly in Europe: German men spend 40 weeks of their life on it, while Swedish men spend 20 weeks.
   The company also has additional tips, saying that water causes hair to expand, so the force required to cut beard hair, which is tougher, is reduced by nearly 70 per cent after having warm water applied to it over three minutes.
Although beard hair is as tough as copper wire, applying water causes hair to expand, making it softer and easier to cut.
   Gillette boasts 600 million customers globally, it says.