A Lucire special promotion

Trust the Swedes to get engagement from their audiences. Volvo—which may have a parent in the Far East—is taking a decidedly Swedish approach to market research. From the home of relationship marketing, and numerous pioneering websites, Volvo wants to find out more about how people use their cars, and has sponsored this post.
   The You Inside Project invites people to upload images of their car interiors, and filling in some extra information, via a Facebook app. The app analyses the user’s personality, and sees just what sort of car owner you are: a comfort-adventurer, a messy life-enjoyer, someone who lives life to the full, or another kind? This app is a great source for global data about what people carry in their cars: just how many cars out there are homes to dogs and umbrellas? Does your car have a radio-controlled toy boat inside?
   Volvo says it has already made changes to its production models through similar research. The XXL one-size-fits-all cup holder and sunglass compartment were from Volvo research.
   The 2010s represent a new era for Volvo, which is trying to enhance its Scandinavian progressiveness. Having stagnated somewhat under Ford and seeing its domestic market decline by having no smaller models that might have conflicted with the parent company’s, Volvo is recapturing its roots under its new owner, Geely, which has no reason to stifle its European brand. In fact, Volvo is casting its net out widely and looking at cars that truly meet our current needs.
   Having launched some pioneering inventions while under Ford ownership—such as pedestrian detection and automatic braking—Volvo is now going strongly in social media, finding it one of the best ways to get information from potential customers.
   Check out the You Inside app at unr.ly/MA3Mvw.

This post has been sponsored by Volvo.