When we created Lucire in 1997, we were clear that we wanted to target a largely female audience. We’ve always managed to achieve the 70–30 split, even at a time when the internet was largely male-dominated.
   However, as news of menswear, cars and gadgets came in more frequently, we looked at giving them a new home. In March 2011, Lucire Men was launched as an experiment, to see if we could manage having an extra outlet. The brand had already existed in print—Lucire Men was a non-regular insert in the New Zealand edition—and even attracted licensing enquiries.
   There was content that didn’t fit into the original Lucire website. While there are plenty of women interested in fast cars, those stories could be given a slightly different angle in Lucire Men. Or if a fashion line débuted, we could give the menswear more analysis in Lucire Men.
   Through the middle of 2011, it appeared we wouldn’t have the resources to manage the extra title. But, toward the end of the year, perhaps mirroring the original Lucire, which had the same content online for its first three months, it was looking more likely. We managed to get into a groove, covering topics which didn’t feel totally at home in the original title, on business, finance, and films with a decidedly masculine edge.
   We’re taking baby steps at the moment with Lucire Men, seeing if there’s interest in a new destination that builds on the traditions and heritage of one of the internet’s longest-running fashion titles. As we grow, please let your friends know. We think there’s a lot of potential here.—Jack Yan, Publisher, Lucire

Initial team members

Jack Yan, Publisher
Sopheak Seng, Fashion Editor
Vicki Matias, Senior Writer
Lola Saab, Paris Editor
Thomas Salme, Photographer
And other team members shared with the core Lucire team.