Bill Nighy, Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel have given their thoughts to some fun questions on the red carpet at the UK première of the remake of Total Recall.
   Fun questions put to the stars include their vision of the future, where Biel responds that she would like a hover car as in the film (and that she had waited for a Back to the Future Part II-type hover board since the 1980s), while Nighy enjoys the idea of fast travel, to be able to work in Perth and to return on the same day.
   The actors have positive views on what the future would be like: Biel imagines land, clean air, clean water and animals; Nighy envisages no racism or drugs; and Farrell wants a ‘louder sense of peace’ and an end to incurable illnesses.
   Nighy refused to answer who would win a fight between Kate Beckinsale and Biel, while Farrell’s money would be on Biel depending on what heels Beckinsale was wearing. Biel, however, said she would expect Beckinsale to be the victor.