A Lucire special promotion

Carlsberg is getting ready for spring with a new campaign based around karaoke, which encourages interaction while putting its product front and centre.
   The Danish beer brand has often based itself around entertainment and events, connecting it to good times. Two years ago, it asked us, ‘Where’s the party?’, tying in with Axwell’s solo track, ‘Center of the Universe’. This time, Carlsberg has taken a very different route, by showing the product getting poured out in slow motion into a glass—with slightly suggestive imagery. Meanwhile, a cheesy karaoke track for ‘Lovin’ You’ plays while the lyrics appear—though a typographer might notice that the typeface isn’t bad enough to be one that’s really used on a karaoke disc.
   The last frame reads, ‘If Carlsberg did karaoke, it would be the best in the world. Probably,’ in what the company calls its ‘ode to beer’.
   One can’t help but sing along—presuming that the song is known. But ‘Lovin’ You’ has survived for years—two decades after its release it was parodied in South Park, and was even performed in 2012 in The X Factor. It’s not hard to imagine it being a karaoke standard.
   The new campaign, which leads us into spring 2015, isn’t the first time Carlsberg has used the karaoke theme. In 2007, the company hired Bryan Ferry in a campaign launching at the time of the Rugby World Cup, which showed Ferry singing karaoke live in front of a mass audience. The voiceover in that campaign read, ‘Carlsberg don’t do karaoke nights, but if they did, they would probably be the best karaoke nights in the world,’ again reinforcing that Carlsberg is the best complement to any social event.

Post sponsored by Carlsberg