Ballantine’s Scotch whisky is one of the best known names in the sector. For those who aren’t aware of Ballantine’s award-winning heritage, the brand has chosen to associate itself with sport, in an effort to distinguish itself from others that may link themselves to film or art. Ballantine’s is the whisky for the man who wishes to express himself through action and his own authenticity, and, since 1960, has chosen golf as its main sport to convey this message.
   It makes sense, too: the history of Ballantine’s began with a farmer’s son who supplied whisky to his clientèle, gaining a reputation thanks to the industry of its founder in the 19th century. When whisky brands were going global in the 20th century, Ballantine’s saw the opportunity to get noticed with golf, and with that sport growing in stature over the last half-century, especially the Scottish Open and in Asian markets, the whisky brand has risen alongside.
   Working at the top level in international golf means that Ballantine’s itself has attracted keen followers of the sport. The Ballantine’s Golf Club, with its new captain Paul McGinley, the Irish professional and the winning captain of Europe in the 2014 Ryder Cup, is a place that brings fans together. Stories, discussions, exclusive events and rewards are hosted inside the Club, with McGinley as host. Members enjoy exclusive access courtesy of Ballantine’s.
   Its latest spot is a trailer for McGinley’s Moment of Truth film, which tells the story of how his career embodies the values of the Golf Club. McGinley is the consummate sportsman, who began playing Gaelic football for Naomh Mícheál before changing codes in his late teens. The trailer shows both McGinley’s football past and his passion for golf, one that connects directly with the authentic, active image of Ballantine’s.

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