A Lucire special promotion

Volkswagen may be known as the company that made the Käfer, or the Bug, but there was a period in Australian history when it wasn’t very visible at all. But, times have changed, and VW wants to be part of Australian culture this AFL season.
   You can’t get more Australian than Aussie football, and with Volkswagen’s very wide range now available in Australia—from utes and vans to the evergreen Golf, Beetle and luxury and sports models—what better to remind everyone that VW is out there for the people? After all, it’s in the name, which translates to ‘people’s car’ in German.
   Knowing how obsessed Australians are with AFL, Volkswagen is offering Fan Support, where VW will send people around to paint your fence or doing another activity (their website says ‘anything from painting your face to painting your fence,’ but they do mean a bit more than that, and cleaning gutters is mentioned elsewhere) so you can enjoy your matches. Unlike the new ad, however, the activities probably won’t be performed by Swans’ players, and they are subject to availability.
   The new video takes a humorous look at the Fan Support Unit, but they are serious and have backed it up with their website forms. Look closely again and you’ll see the VW product contained within: the hugely popular Tiguan SUV, the long-running Transporter, and the entry-level (for Australia) Polo.
   While you’re at it, Volkswagen is offering competitions. The one online right now is for five fans and one guest to train on the SCG turf with the Swans, and have dinner with them afterwards, on June 2. Visit vwfansupport.com for more details.

Post sponsored by Volkswagen