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Tiger Beer’s continuing Uncaged campaign, devised by an Australian agency, Droga 5, launches its latest chapter with stuntman Charlie Ruedpokanon of Thailand.
   The Singaporean brand, which is part of the global Heineken company, intends Uncaged to be an international campaign, though Singapore is its initial focus.
   The latest spot sees Ruedpokanon claim that he was “caged” with a university degree that led him to a dead-end job in an office cubicle, before taking the courage to be himself and become a stuntman.
   The use of east Asians in the spot helps position Tiger as an Asian beer. Its research uncovered that there were young men in Asia who have potential but societies had pushed them into conformity. The concept revolved around the idea of “uncaging the tiger”.
   Despite the research which specifically revealed a male insight, Tiger’s first spot featured a woman, Joey Tang, a tattoo artist in Hong Kong, who says that ‘Life is about following the fire inside you’ in her voiceover.

   Although the research again was from Asia, Tiger was careful not to talk about its Asian heritage too strongly. It believes that the Uncaged idea is a more universal message that can take the brand global and find appeal with audiences, regardless of their culture.
   Mie-Ling Wong, Tiger’s global brand director, told Mumbrella that the creative is about ‘progressiveness, dynamism and courage,’ which appeals to millennials worldwide.
   The spots, so far, have shown the subjects in a positive light and, to an occidental audience, potentially shatters stereotypes about east Asians being somehow different. The emotions in each of the spots are universal and travel well.
   Tiger’s website has an Uncaged section where users can create their own 15-second clip, posting their own #cage and #uncage photos. They can also Tweet them using the same hashtags.

Video sponsored by Tiger Beer