Darren McKoy has been named Dr Martens’ new global creative director. McKoy has had a long-time connection with the brand, from wearing his first pair as a schoolboy. He understands that Dr Martens wearers have a close and personal association with the brand.

McKoy, who hails from Sheffield, first joined Dr Martens in 2015 as part of its product team, and has previously worked for Asics, VF Corporation and Adidas.

‘What separates Docs from other brands is that it’s been built by our wearers. Countless subcultures have adopted it as their own, adding new dimensions to the identity. An alternative edge that’s at the very core of Dr Martens. There’s a simplicity to us that transcends narratives. People can wear our 1460s, 1461s and so on the way they want to wear them. It’s not dictated by trends, and I just find it fascinating.’