Innovative Eyewear is betting on continued interest in language learning models with a new line of ChatGPT-enabled (via app) eyewear

We’ve sampled ChatGPT and haven’t been impressed with the language learning model providing unsourced fictions, but that hasn’t stopped companies planning to incorporate the technology.

Innovative Eyewear, who produces smart eyewear with the Lucyd, Nautica and Eddie Bauer brands, has launched a ChatGPT-enabled app for IOS and Android called Lucyd.

As the glasses already have microphones, wearers can ask questions of ChatGPT and the responses come through their stereo speakers. The app also works with Airpods and other devices.

‘A great pair of smartglasses is defined by three key factors: fashion, tech, and suitability for all-day wear. The Lyte 2.0 collection successfully addresses these factors and now provides access to the world’s most popular AI assistant. By connecting to ChatGPT with your voice on Lucyd smart eyewear, you can access a wealth of detailed research on just about any subject, making it one of the most powerful mobile learning systems available,’ said Harrison Gross, Innovative Eyewear’s CEO.

The Lucyd Lyte 2.0 line comprises 15 styles. The app can be downloaded in beta here, with a free trial. Customers can upgrade their eyewear at and receive the app for free.