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Timex is one of those brands that, much like its products, proves to be very enduring. With its 160-year history, Timex has a reputation for tough watches that do what they’re supposed to: gimmick-free, they put the user and practicality first. The fact they look rather good is a bonus.
   Right now, the watchmaker has recognized that watches aren’t just about telling time: an increasing amount of wearers see them as indispensable tools for fitness. Updating its Classic 50 watch, turning it into the Ironman Classic 50 Move+, Timex has tapped in to the fitness demands of the mid-2010s.
   The Ironman name is out of the Timex archives: the originals were worn by military and law-enforcement personnel in the 1980s, because they were tough. And they had fans in very high places: former US president Bill Clinton had several early ones, too.
   The design might be familiar—it has that undemanding practicality about it—but it has features that give it added practicality to the fitness-conscious. There’s a 3-D accelerometer to capture steps, distance and calories burned. It connects to the Timex app for both IOS and Android, so you can upload activity data. And, knowing that we’re on the go, with fitness and work often going hand in hand each day in our busy lives, you can sync with your digital calendar, too, so the watch can remind you of your appointments.
   There’s a coin cell battery within that never needs recharging, and the Timex Classic 50 Move+ is water-resistant to 100 m.
   As the ad shows, the Timex Classic 50 Move+ might even encourage you to go the long way round, and achieve those fitness goals.

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