A Lucire special promotion

While the Australian Open’s on, Unibet’s a great way to get in on the action. And as its latest spot shows, betting’s not about luck: if you know the sport, and the realities that confront the players, you can make the right bet.
   Using the example of two fictional tennis players, the prospective betters in the spot show that knowledge of their personal lives, sporting habits and the condition of the court could come into play in deciding who the winner might be—and for those who are invested in the sport, Unibet could be the means through which things can really pay off.
   There’s some truth to this: in golf, we’re reminded of Tiger Woods’s performance during his well publicized marital problems, which saw his ranking slip. And it’s said that Roger Federer does well in tennis thanks to the support of his wife, Mirka, who is credited for providing a stable private life (Mirka Federer, née Vavrinec, herself was once a tennis player whose career—she rose to world number 76—was hampered by a 2002 injury).
   Unibet is one of the largest online gambling operators in Europe, offering both pre-match and, as the ad shows, live sports betting. With 9½ million registered customers in 100 countries, and licensed in Australia, it’s a great way for those interested in betting to put their skills to the test—and their money where their mouths are.
   It also has a system where individual customers’ behaviours are analysed to identify potential problem gambling, so a customer stays in control and doesn’t wind up in a risky predicament. To be extra-safe, its spots remind players that its service is for those aged 18 years and over, and to gamble responsibly. The Unibet website even allows you to check your gambling profile yourself, so you can seek help quickly if there’s a problem. Head to Unibet here.

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