A Lucire special promotion

Sports fans will know the background: last October, former Wimbledon champ Roger Federer went on Twitter to ask his fans, ‘If you could watch me play any other athlete in any other sport (other than our own sport), what sport and what athlete?’
   Lindsey Vonn, the World Cup skier, responded to Federer, ‘I’ll ski with u if u play tennis with me’.
   The two top athletes’ friendship has seen Vonn attend the Wimbledon final recently to cheer Federer on, and when Vonn tore her anterior cruciate ligament, Federer sent her flowers.
   The two have been public with their friendship on Twitter and Instagram and Lindt, seeing an opportunity, has got in on the action.
   After all, who better than a tennis star with 14 million Facebook fans and 2 million Twitter followers? Vonn, meanwhile, has nearly a million Facebook fans and over 300,000 Twitter followers. They’re bound to get attention whatever they do.
   In fact, Lindt is behind the first challenge—but whether it involves skiing, tennis, or another sport, is a mystery.
   The first spot made by Lindt sees Federer and Vonn Skype one another to arrange this challenge, but Federer, who appears to be in the know, is mum about it. Following the hashtag #ChocolateHeaven will reveal more, and every mention will appear at the Lindt microsite, chocolateheaven.lindt.com.
   Vonn mentioned on her Facebook, ‘This is going to be fun! Roger challenged me to a competition on a mountain in #ChocolateHeaven …should be interesting but I love a competition! Bring it Roger Federer!’ while Federer reveals little more on his: ‘Looking forward to this fun challenge with Lindsey Vonn in #chocolateheaven – it should be amazing’.
   By checking in to the website today, you can see just how the challenge will take shape, as well as via the Lindt Twitter account, and the Lindt Facebook fan page.

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