Unibet’s sports betting is the sort of venture that real experts in the game can get an advantage in. While of course some luck comes into it, Unibet believes that you can create your own luck—if you know the sport well enough.
   Its latest football-, or soccer-themed spot (depending on where you’re from), takes the example of two fictional players from opposing teams, the Paraguayan Cardozo and the Dutch van Hoof.
   Normally, a game might look at the players themselves, their physical attributes and past performances, but if you really know the players, you might get yourself an edge.
   You don’t need to look too far for examples of where players’ personal lives impact on their performance, and the football spot shows that everything from a player’s background to what commercial deals they’ve signed all impact on how they might go on the pitch.
   It’s not hard to imagine a player with plenty of sponsor commitments being tired out before a game schmoozing business guests, and Unibet creates a fictional example where van Hoof’s hair gel, given to him by a sponsor, could irritate his eyes in the heat. Cardozo, meanwhile, has a background in street performance, which, coupled with his training, gives him an edge.
   Unlikely? Give it a shot yourself on Unibet.
   Unibet is one of the largest online gambling operators in Europe, offering both pre-match and, as the ad shows, live sports betting. It has 9½ million registered customers in 100 countries, and it’s licensed in Australia.
   It also has a system where individual customers’ behaviours are analysed to identify potential problem gambling, so a customer stays in control and doesn’t wind up in a risky predicament. To be extra-safe, its spots remind players that its service is for those aged 18 years and over, and to gamble responsibly. Head to Unibet here.

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