We don’t think we’ve seen a online marketing video this cool since Clive Owen was the Driver for the early BMW Films.
   While Hot Wheels’ recent double loop efforts were remarkable, Ken Block, in a rally Ford Fiesta, manages to make the engine noise and driving skill more raw in DC’s Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground—San Francisco.
   Selling DC Shoes and its apparel, the video was shot on location in San Francisco, Calif., beginning on the Bay Bridge.
   Some of the scenes will be familiar to fans of Bullitt, where Steve McQueen took his Mustang Fastback along the streets of the City.
   Block’s skills are evident here as he goes through various parts of San Francisco over a four-day shoot, while dirt-biker Travis Pastrana, a friend of Block, makes a guest appearance. Jake Phelps of Thrasher magazine has a cameo.
   The film was directed by Ben Conrad.
   More information can be found at www.dcshoes.com/auto.