Model Chrissy Teigen and DJ Jack Guinness front Ugg’s winter 2015 marketing campaign, which débuted Friday.
   The campaign, called This Is Ugg, was shot in Iceland, and emphasizes the range’s weatherproof, waterproof and water-resistant qualities. It will run through February 1.
   The campaign is also designed to connect emotionally to consumers, and sees Teigen and Guinness “unplugging” in Iceland to reconnect to the environment and experiences, including discovering local treasures and reflecting on a snow-topped glacier, says the company.
   The women’s collection includes the Emalie boot, with waterproof leather and a water-repellent wool blend; the Simmens boot with a water-resistant shaft and a cozy lining; and the Adirondack Boot II with waterproof full-grain leather, cuffable suede shaft, and an exclusive Vibram outsole for snowy weather.
   The men’s collection sees the Munroe boot with oiled suede and waterproof leather, rated to –20°C (–4°F) and featuring the Vibram outsole; the Classic Mini Déco with a moisture-wicking interior and sophisticated stitching at the heel counter; and the Butte pairs with cuffable, waterproof leather and nylon, finished with the Vibram outside and moisture-wicking lining.
   Ugg has launched two videos already, including one entitled Soul Food, featuring Teigen indulging in food and beauty. ‘Life goes by so quickly so it is really important to create time and space for yourself. Sometimes you have to think of your surroundings and how blessed you are: Close your eyes, take it all in and be in the moment. In Iceland we were surrounded by so much beauty and so much simplicity­ it’s just food for the soul,’ she says in the video.
   In On the Rocks, Guinness reflects on the dramatic Icelandic landscape: ‘It’s rugged and magic. I want to meet the people, listen to the music that’s popular there, and learn about their culture. Does living in Iceland create a different outlook on life? An original æsthetic and way of looking at things? I want to drink and dance with the locals, and try and see the world through their eyes. It sounds cheesy but it’s true! I’m really, really excited … I’ll keep a diary while I’m out there, sometimes writing helps me share thoughts that would otherwise go unexpressed and be forgotten. I don’t just want to remember what I did, I want to remember how it made me feel.’