The actioners of the 1980s are back, this time with a new twist.
   As the release of Total Recall nears (August 3), another trailer has been issued, letting us know a few more of the scenes. It appears to hold up very well to the Arnold Schwarzenegger version, and blends elements from both that movie (a three-breasted prostitute is suggested in the trailer) and the later, Earthbound TV series. The new version also centres around changing a political system rather than creating an atmosphere on Mars, which could bring it greater relevance for a modern audience. Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel and Bill Nighy are among the stars, and Beckinsale’s husband Len Wiseman directs.
   Robocop, meanwhile, has a marketing campaign that was, in some ways, foreshadowed by the fictional advertisements in the original. An ad showing products from the fictional Omnicorp has been released, as well as a website (though the sections will net you an ‘Access Denied’ if you try to click on the links). The worrying thing is that the Omnicorp ad does not feel that out of place in 2012: while defence contractors are unlikely to put such ads on television, it doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to see they would make them for shareholders.