Lola Cristall is impressed by premium cookware and appliances from Anolon, Braun and De’Longhi, and we find the perfect £50,000 Modulnova kitchen for them

Anolon blends style and functionality

Anolon successfully intertwines the concepts of good cooking, style and quality features since it launched its first non-stick cookware in 1989. Their extensive collection includes bakeware and kitchen tools. From affordable to slightly pricier ranges, Anolon’s range includes skillets, saucepans, stockpots, steamers, pans, knives, cutting boards, roasters and other items, all æsthetically classy. Amongst the autumn 2017–spring 2018 collections, Anolon’s 5 qt Covered Dutch Oven is easy to use, and perfect for the most stylish kitchens with its sleek design and innovations, available from royal red to bold blue.

      Anolon’s five-piece knife block set with four distinct knives organized in a sophisticated acacia woodblock underlines sheer elegance. The beauty of the wood and the convenience of the design make it an ideal piece to display on any counter top. Each knife has a particular purpose, from cutting vegetables to meats, from bread to cheese. Its rectangular cutting board in teak is soft to the touch, with a feel of sophistication.
      Its tools run the range of tri-ply, hard-anodized, cast iron, stainless steel with enhanced copper and even bronze or onyx. Anolon has much for users to look forward to, whether for a quick dabble in the kitchen or to prepare a grand selection of dishes.

Braun and De’Longhi represent European quality

De’Longhi and Braun have come together to present a range of elegant and sophisticated household items. The De’Longhi Livenza all-day grill with waffle plates is easy to use and convenient to store. The plates are easily detachable and dishwasher-safe. For smoothie aficionados, the Braun PureMix blender with the Smoothie2Go blending set is an absolute must: in preparation for a busy day, users can whisk up a smoothie by blending their favourite foods in the to-go cups.
      De’Longhi is still a favourite amongst coffee lovers. Its Lattisima Pro with Nespresso capsule system is easy to use, creating a deliciously frothy cappuccino or latte. For the freshly ground espresso users, the De’Longhi Dedica DeLuxe Pump espresso machine gives a tasty and flavourful result. For professional coffee experts, the De’Longhi Eletta fully automatic espresso and cappuccino machine with the LatteCrema system is the appliance of preference. Of course, the brand also more simple fare, such as the De’Longhi Dedica Burr grinder or and the Combination Pump espresso–drip coffee machine.—Lola Cristall, Paris Editor

What sort of kitchen would complement these latest ranges? and the Used Kitchen Company have created what they dub the Ultimate Kitchen, a Modulnova Blade luxury kitchen (pictured at top) stocked with 50 of the rarest, most exotic and most luxurious foods.
      Don’t let the Used part of the Used Kitchen Company’s name sway you: the kitchen on offer is an ex-display flagship from the Modulnova range, featuring Gaggenau appliances, Carrara marble worktops and splashbacks, with a steam combi oven, wok burners, flush hidden plug sockets, warming drawers under the four ovens, and a teppanyaki grill.
      All that is valued at just over £50,000. Now add the Golden Almas Iranian caviar (£3,895), made from albino Beluga sturgeon in the Caspian Sea; Dom Pérignon 1961 (£7,495; the companies note this was the variety drunk at Diana and Charles’s 1981 Royal Wedding), Kagoshima Wagyu beef steaks (£975), hand-made millefeuille of duck foie gras and black truffles (£330), sage-green speckled gull eggs (£8 each), and 50-year aged Balsamic vinegar di Modena by the Malpighi family (£225).
      Fine Food Specialist, which sourced many of the ingredients, noted, ‘We have scoured the globe for rare and exquisite gems, ranging from the finest British seasonal fare to the most sought-after luxury delicacies, which include delights of the sea (soft shell crab, fresh sea urchins and smoked swordfish carpaccio), the earth (dried Morel and Porcini mushrooms, Himalayan rock salt and saffron), and the land (prized Tomahawk ribeye steaks and 42- to 54-month-aged Iberico ham).’
      The final price of all the goodies: £88,229. If the Blade kitchen is too flash, the Used Kitchen Company is prepared to supply a lesser one, with a reduction in price. •