A Lucire special promotion

Wilkinson Sword never had it so sexy. And men will pay attention.
   Most of us will have grown up with the usual advertising for the brand, either emphasizing Wilkinson Sword’s heritage (they really made swords, with their history going back to 1772) or showing just how good the shave is with close-ups of a male model’s face, but of the majority of guys who are heterosexual, they’d much rather, somehow, the feminine form were injected. Then we’d sit up and take notice.
   How do you make Wilkinson Sword sexy, while getting in the usual unique selling points about the sword heritage and close shaves? The New York office of J. Walter Thompson, the famed ad agency, found a way, with a spot called Foreplay Meets Swordplay. The title itself is very suggestive, and while we don’t know just where the inspiration came from, there are many who feel the cinematic swordfight is stylish and, between two people attracted to each other, romantic. Remember Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Martin Campbell’s The Mask of Zorro? Take that idea, but remove more clothing.
   Filmed in a hotel in Bruxelles by Lieven van Baelen, a couple battle it out with swords, removing the other’s clothing in the process—and she gives him a close shave at one point. Wilkinson Sword gets its usual points across, and many males get an attractive female model to glance at. As a fantasy spot, it works, and challenges men to be #ReadytoDuel and free their skin with Wilkinson Sword.

Post sponsored by Wilkinson Sword