Pop over to the Lucire website for an exclusive by Kayla Newhouse, who was in Kathmandu when tragedy struck last Saturday with the massive earthquake.
   An excerpt:

When you’re vulnerable, you are open to anything and anyone. When you have, you feel entitled to take. When you don’t have, you feel the need to give.
   I remember a moment in the gravel lot where I slept the first night, an instant refugee camp. I watched a Nepalese man giving out packets of Oreos to everyone, local and foreign, no discrimination. The Nepalese see a person in need and do not question worth, family or nationality. First they see a human being. Even though they are themselves in need, they help. There is a difference between the cultures. The Nepalese take care of humans, even when there is not enough for everyone.

   In addition, a list of aid agencies is available here. Please help if you can.