Even though Jaguar is riding a high with ultra-modern, forward-looking models such as the XJ and F-type, it has announced that it will produce six more Lightweight E-types, the first time the company has engaged in building re-creations in its nine-decade history.
   Jaguar originally planned to build 18 ‘Special GT E-type cars’ in 1963, but only ever completed 12. The six will be perfect reproductions of the original, built by hand to the exact specifications of the first twelve cars and using up the remaining chassis numbers allocated in 1963. They will feature the 3·8-litre XK-derived straight-six engine, and an all-aluminium body and engine block.
   The first “new” Lightweights will appear later this summer, with established Jaguar collectors prioritized among potential customers.

Above The original Lightweight E-type as it appeared in the 1960s.