While the Range Rover Evoque was Lucire’s Car to Be Seen in for 2012 (see Lucire 28), the L405, fourth-generation Range Rover didn’t have us quite as thrilled on its début. However, Keith Adams of AROnline and Honest John located the new ad for the 2013 Range Rover and at the angles the car has been shot at, it makes it look far more flattering than the early photos—including the official pics from Jaguar Land Rover.
   You can see the Range Rover take in scenes in France, along the Riviera and down to Lake Como, all to a cover version of ‘On Days Like These’, which, of course, any fan of The Italian Job (the real one, not the remake, and certainly not the remake of the remake last year) will recognize. It’s not as good as Matt Monro’s, but then, nothing ever is. And the final shot will please Range Rover fans, as the L405 pulls up next to the Spen King original—in remarkable nick, we might add. (Thank goodness there was no ‘Range Rovers have feelings, too,’ as that scene took place—some things should not be remade, not just The Italian Job.)