L’Oréal Men Expert has released the Hydra Energetic X Magnetic Charcoal daily cleanser—and that isn’t a misnomer. It actually contains charcoal as a strong, detoxing cleanser.
   According to L’Oréal, charcoal acts as a magnet to trap and remove impurities. The cleanser comes as a foam, and a little massaged on the skin each morning helps clean the types of damage that the modern environment can cause.
   L’Oréal Men Expert’s Vita Lift 5 moisturizer, designed for men in their 40s, helps with dry skin, combating ageing and wrinkles.
   Containing pro-retinol, the moisturizer helps stimulate collagen and elastin production.
   The Hydra Energetic X Magnetic Charcoal cleanser retails for NZ$12·99; the Vita Lift 5 daily moisturizer for NZ$16·99.