Maserati has kicked off its one-make racing series, the Trofeo Maserati Gran Turismo MC season for 2011, with tests held at Imola on March 26–7.
   Contesting the series is the new Gran Turismo MC Trofeo, based on the regular model, but with an extra 38 bhp (up to 488 bhp) and a faster gearchange (60 ms). The brakes and aerodynamics have been modified.
   Changes have been made for the 2011 calendar: it begins with two shorter 30-minute races and two final events at 50 minutes each. The intermediate five rounds retain their 40-minute duration.
   The shorter rounds will only have 80 per cent of the points assigned, while the longer ones, with an obligatory pit stop, have 120 per cent.
   The races open at Imola on May 1.