Gillette is guaranteeing high visibility this summer with its cricket partnerships, as it announces its Skinguard razor for the New Zealand market

If you’re one of those shavers who like the close shave of a traditional razor, but find it stressful using one, Gillette’s new Skinguard could be the solution.
   Launching on the New Zealand market tomorrow, the Skinguard razor is designed to stop irritation. There are two optimally spaced blades, which smooth and flatten the skin away from the cut, minimizing the “tug and pull” that many razors have. The hairs are trimmed at the surface, protecting sensitive skin.
   It’s complemented by Gillette Pure, a shave gel and a shave cream also protecting sensitive skin, using alœ, but eschewing alcohol, dyes, parabens, and sulphates.
   Ensuring a strong profile this summer, the company has also announced a partnership with the New Zealand Blackcaps cricket team, as its ‘grooming partner’. It will also partner with the domestic Super Smash series, and become the official National Secondary Schools’ partner (awarding the Gillette Cup and Gillette Venus Cup).