Dimitri James has been getting under people’s skin since 2002, and in the case of Skinn, this has been a godsend for anybody demanding simple, high-quality skin care with the right amounts of science and luxury. As his fans know, he’s applied his experience as a third-generation licensed æsthetician, a first-generation Greek-American, and a beauty industry veteran to address skin health issues at the professional and consumer level. He also regularly credits his relatives, pharmacy owners in Athens, for inspiring his interests in biology and good customer service.

Because of this, James’s decision to create and launch a unisex fragrance in time for his line’s 20th anniversary seems like a departure from the results-focused collection. While most of the collection are practical skin care solutions users can mix and match, Skinn Eau de Parfum is intended as an indulgence. The top notes are bergamot, blossom, neroli, and lemon peel, while the middle notes are amber, orange, flower, and oude. Cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk make up the base notes.

What makes it a true luxury is the way he and his team followed the science to successfully spin together a unisex fragrance that personalizes itself to the wearer’s body chemistry with the addition of what he calls ‘scent-boosting molecules’. While the overall aroma is made up of notes that reminded him of his childhood on the west coast and visits to Greece and Athens, the fragrance is formulated to create a unique sensory experience for every wearer. Although custom fragrance shops where a perfumer mixes specific oils for a customer were popular during the 2000s, James says the idea of putting all of that potential into a single bottle takes that concept to the next level.

Like his other formulas, Skinn Eau de Parfum will most likely go deep rather than wide, appropriately enough. Instead of adding more fragrances, he plans to focus on this one creation, and suggests shower gels, lotions, candles and other gift-able luxuries with the same miraculous blend may be on the horizon.

For more information, visit the Skinn website or the Skinn page at the Home Shopping Network.