A Lucire special promotion

Carlsberg’s Beer’d Beauty male grooming line has been the talk of the office ever since it was previewed in June, and we received an email from our travel editor, Stanley Moss, about it. Back then, the name hadn’t been announced—as far as we knew, it was the Beer Beauty line—but, we have to say, Beer’d suits it rather better.
   It makes a lot of sense. The main ingredients in Carlsberg lager are barley, hops and yeast, all of which are rich in vitamin B and silicium. Zoran Gojković, Director of Research at Carlsberg Laboratories, says that these can be particularly good for your skin. Premium hops also have plenty of antioxidants and antibacterial acids. These actually work for hair and skin.
   By freeze-drying the beer into a powder, then mixed with organic ingredients, Carlsberg Laboratories, in association with Urtegaarden, has created a line of male grooming products. The latest gift set compromises a 100 ml shaving gel, 100 ml aftershave cream and a 100 ml moustache cream. In each bottle, there really is 0·2 litres of freeze-dried beer.
   The idea is that some men might not take to grooming that readily, but having Carlsberg beer in the product might entice them to make that move. And, according to Carlsberg’s own surveys, 65 per cent of men are daily groomers but 67 per cent of them are using their girlfriend’s or wife’s products—so there’s a ready market out there for something more blokey.
   There’s an additional inducement: the Beer’d Beauty gift set, with the three products, sees all proceeds go to the Movember foundation, and those antioxidants and antibacterial acids actually help grow mos. Support Movember, and shave responsibly.

Post sponsored by Carlsberg