Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans race Reliant Robins to Blackpool: Top Gear previewed

Mark Yeoman/BBC

The revamped BBC Top Gear series, hosted by car fanatic and DJ Chris Evans, will feature whacky challenges just as the post-2002 incarnation of the series had.
   With co-presenter Matt LeBlanc, arguably the highest-profile of the new line-up, the new show will feature a Reliant Robin challenge—even if the cars that the BBC has shown in its publicity photographs are Reliant Rialtos.
   It’s a duel between the UK and the USA, as the duo receive a challenge from David Baddiel on BBC Radio 2 to travel from BBC Centre to ‘the Las Vegas of Britain’: Blackpool.
   The pair drive their three-wheeled Reliants to the Lancashire seaside town.
   While the new series, returning in May, features the Stig, presenter duties will be shared among six people, not unlike the earlier, cancelled Top Gear that ran till 2001.

Mark Yeoman/BBC

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  1. The car’s aren’t Reliant Robins’… They are Reliant Rialtos’… But hey ho, who are we the public, to get in the way of a good ‘motoring’ show! PS… It looks crap, even before it’s started.

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