A Lucire special promotion

The promise of deregulation in New Zealand was always that consumers would be able to select from different retailers for their power. It may have taken a while for that to happen, and Genesis Energy’s Energy Online is promising to shake things up with its new campaign.
   When joining Energy Online, the sign-up process takes under five minutes, and there’s a big discount off your first bill. Plus, they knock a a whopping 20 per cent off your bill for prompt payment—already two great incentives to sign up.
   But let’s not just let the facts get you interested. Energy Online knows that most people aren’t impressed by a lot of door-to-door offers, and its very creative campaign gives you an idea of the non-conformist, and we might even say refreshing, approach of this new power retailer.
   Door-knocking, after all, is so last-century, and its new campaign blends an angry gargoyle door-knocker with a dose of comedy.
   The door-to-door salespeople are frightened off by the door-knocker, who saves the homeowner time in dealing with the rival power companies’ reps. It’s estimated that each year, people spend nine minutes interacting with their energy provider.
   The series of films is enjoyable, while highlighting the key benefits of joining up with Energy Online. And the total length of the films is—you guessed it—nine minutes, which shows that Energy Online, at least, is willing to spend that with you in a more creative fashion.
   The first spot, shown below, has already netted 3·9 million views on YouTube, and rising. Energy Online, meanwhile, has had a rush in sign-ups in the last 15 days.
   Contagion was the agency behind the new spot.

Post sponsored by Energy Online