A Lucire special promotion

Most know Guns ’n’ Roses’ impactful, iconic song, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, but a very different cover, by Cardiff-based Novo Amor, features in Unilever’s Axe and Lynx Black’s new spot.
   The three-minute film, entitled Bring the Quiet, takes place in the crowded urban jungle, where one might face anything from rioters to paparazzi, from dancers to revellers, from motorcyclists to models—but among all of the chaos, Lynx Black endures.
   The surrealist landscape sees a lone woman eventually find the protagonist of the piece, and when they meet, the urban jungle vanishes as the two walk off into the night.
   The message: it’s all right to be understated in a world where people urge you to stand out.
   It matches the ambitions of the new range, which is subtler in its fragrance.
   Created by CK One’s Ann Gottlieb, Lynx Black has fruit, cedar wood and moss notes.
   The Lynx Black range features a body spray, antiperspirant, shower gel, shampoo and hair clay, branching out from the fragrance and deodorant line that most associate the brand with. It’s the first time Unilever has launched an Axe or Lynx product with a full suite.
   The global campaign, by BBH London, brought together some 400 cast members in two countries, in one of the biggest shoots ever undertaken for the brands. Academy Films directed the spot, while the track itself can be downloaded from Itunes and Spotify.
   Lucire Men has the full three-minute version, but TV channels will see this cut down to 30 seconds, and an extended 60-second one appears on YouTube.

Post sponsored by Unilever