A Lucire special promotion

Don’t we often complain that life is going by too quickly? In the past decade we’ve seen the Slow Food movement, and in experiential marketing, we’re often reminded to savour the moments. Quantity, as much as it was something to be proud of, gave way to quality. Good things, it’s often said, take time.
   Beer’s the same. In the last generation, we’ve seen people increasingly admire craft beers: those that are made by small breweries which understand quality. Gone are the methods of the mass producers where beer is a commodity with their distinctive qualities gone; the indies take their time to perfect their flavours, often adding in a personal touch.
   Jeff Lebesch, founder of New Belgium Brewing Company, is one of those independents who believe in taking time. Lebesch took a bicycle trip through Belgium many years ago to develop his amber ale recipe, and the bike remains an important part of New Belgium’s branding, appearing on its logo. So it’s no surprise that its latest campaign, reminding us again to #goslowmo (that’s the hashtag) is based around the bicycle.
   Dr Don, the fictional therapist in New Belgium’s latest spots, goes around with a pedalled, mobile couch, urging people to slow down. It’s to market New Belgium’s new Slow Ride Session IPA, which has a blend of seven hops, led by Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin, and scents of melon, peach, lime and grapefruit. It’s a light beer with wonderful citrus notes that reminds us that slow is the way to go when making, and savouring, a quality craft beer.

Post sponsored by New Belgium Brewery Co.