Top From Rembrandt, the navy pinstripe Cooper-Lotus suit with blue neat Metropolis shirt, striped Italian silk tie, paisley silk pocket square, and 1950s mother-of-pearl tie bar. Above Charcoal mouline Hawke-Lotus suit, with teal Fairlie V-neck jersey, white Metropolis shirt, bottle green Italian silk tie, and silver silk pocket square.

One of New Zealand’s great names in menswear, Rembrandt, has turned up the style quotient for autumn–winter 2013.
   The story for the season is in fabrics, with the company sourcing from the top mills around the world. Key looks include its Hawke-Lotus charcoal mouliné two-piece suit; and its charcoal and blue check Nicholson jacket and vest. There is more of an Italian cut to the season’s looks, rather fitting given the Italian wools used. The Rembrandt Miramar jacket, meanwhile, has internal trims and details from Liberty of London.
   Wayward Heir, the company’s bolder, fashion-forward label, also has a sophisticated autumn–winter season. However, the design team tells more of a story, basing its theme around a storybook of yesteryear, ‘walking through a haunted forest on an eerie winter’s night,’ says the company. There are warmer colours (oranges and maroons) as one saw in the ready-to-wear collections in London and Paris, in contrast to the traditional navies, greys and blacks at Rembrandt.
   Highlights include a cobweb lapel pin and a camouflage under-collar. Wayward Heir’s Bilbo jacket features mismatched buttons, while the Marlon jacket has elbow patches and leather buttons. The Fleetwood Mac suit is another highlight that the brand is proud of for this season.

Top At Wayward Heir, the Fleetwood Mac suit and Brooklyn shirt. Centre Marlon jacket and Brooklyn shirt. Above Bilbo jacket and Brooklyn shirt.